Free Resource: Song Finishing Checklist

You’ve been working on a song for weeks.

Hours have been spent making sure you have the right sounds and instruments. Every note has been meticulously placed. You’ve been tweaking more than your friend Hollow Harold who lives down at the train station.

But you just can’t seem to finish it. There’s this nagging feeling that it’s not quite there yet.

And so, you abandon the project you put so much effort into and you start a new one, only to repeat the cycle.

This scenario is common. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you probably will.

It’s hard to move past the 90% finished stage and export the final version of your song. It’s hard to know when something is finished.

Which is why we’ve put together The Song Finishing Checklist

It’s a simple checklist that’ll help you figure out whether your song is finished, and what to do if it isn’t.

Want to actually finish more music? Download the checklist now.

Note: The Song Finishing Checklist is split up into three parts:

  1. Core Idea: The quality of your song rests on the quality of your main idea. This part of the checklist will help you refine your melody, main drop, or most important important section in your song.
  2. Arrangement: Your song needs to make sense. This part of the checklist will guide you through the structure and arrangement of your song, making sure that it isn’t boring, busy or confusing.
  3. Mixing: Don’t rush! Is your mix sounding crisp, clean and focused? Work through part three of the checklist to finalize your song and get it ready for release.
Download the free checklist


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