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Learn the cornerstones of music production

The Pro Producer Bundle gives you access to our five core programs (over 85 hours of training)

Foundations & Basics

New to production? EDM Foundations helps you master the fundamentals in 30 days.


Write more unique & memorable music with Songwriting For Producers.


Level up your mixing and produce cleaner tracks with Mixing For Producers.

Sound Design

Learn synthesis and sound design to create any sound you want.

Drum Programming

Create pro-level drum patterns with punch and clarity, and elevate the quality of your music.

Everything Included In


5 comprehensive courses. Lifetime access to everything, including all future updates.

+ Elite Mastermind Community with Monthly Q&A Calls.

EDM Foundations

Master the fundamentals of electronic music production by finishing 4 songs in 30 days. Fast-track your music production journey. Go from confused and stuck to confident and driven. 


Songwriting For Producers

Master the theory and arrangement framework behind producing unique and memorable electronic music. Learn how to write amazing melodies, craft solid chord progressions, and create engaging arrangements. 


Mixing For Producers

Master mixing fundamentals, learn from the pros, and develop skills that enable you to produce music you’re proud to release.


Breakthrough Sound Design

Craft your unique, original style by mastering synthesis and sound design. Learn how to create sounds to fill the gaps in your music, layer instruments to forge something entirely new, and stop relying on presets. 


Drums By Design

A practical, step-by-step course that takes your drum programming game from amateur to professional through 7 comprehensive, multi-genre walkthroughs.


Elite Mastermind Community & Support

A moderated community full of premium EDMProd students, truly focused on helping each other grow.

Ask. Get Answers. Connect. Collaborate.

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Here are our commitments.

Lifetime updates.

We update our courses regularly and add in more content. You get lifetime access to all our courses and any updates we make to them.

30-day money back guarantee

We truly believe in what we’re selling, but if it doesn’t work for you—we understand. Just send us an email and we’ll refund you.

Guaranteed support

Ever enrolled in a course and felt left behind? That’s the last thing we want for you. You’ll have access to our support team from day one. 

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“Unlike other mixing courses, I’ve actually been able to apply all of these techniques in my own tracks as well. It helped me finish off 3 tracks in two weeks, and get one signed to a bigger label!”

Justin Zanish

 “I’m currently signed to a record label here in Iceland and working on 2 EP’s that are set to be released this year. It all started with EDMProd – so thank you!”

Bergrós Halla

Our promise and guarantee (100% risk-free)

We are confident that this will help you level up your music, but we know that it’s quite a commitment to enroll in a bundle like this. That’s why we want to give you 30 days to go through the content, try it out, and make sure that it’s really helping you.

You can enroll today and go through as much of the courses as you want in 30 days. If you don’t LOVE it, then we’ll refund 100% of your money. No sneaky tactics. No “action-based” refund policy where you have to watch X amount of videos or do the worksheets. Just send us a simple email and let us know if it didn’t work out for you.

Got questions?

Nope! Although most courses are taught in Ableton Live, FL Studio & Logic Pro X, you can use practically any DAW and still follow along just fine.

You will also need Xfer Serum to get the most out of the courses. 

All you need is a computer, a copy of a DAW, headphones (or monitors), and a copy of Xfer Serum (you can get it on rent-to-own here).

Throughout the courses, we predominately use stock (built-in) plugins and devices for each DAW, meaning you don’t need to spend hundreds on third-party plugins.

However, when third-party plugins are used, we provide a list of free and paid alternatives.

A common concern people have when signing up to courses of this size is that they’ll run out of time and fall behind.

That can’t happen with any of these programs as they’re self-paced. You can go throught each of them in a matter of weeks if you’re extremely diligent and have a lot of time, or you can go through it at a slower pace and take it all in.

Whether it takes weeks, months, or even years—it doesn’t matter. You’ll always have access to the course material.

The courses consists of online video lessons inside our private course platform, split up by walkthroughs and modules.

You can ask questions below each video lesson.

You’ll also get access to the listening exercises and guidebook to follow along with.

Our students love our courses because they are not designed just like any course out there. We create them with three principles in mind:

Action-based. Not boring. Comprehensive.

Our courses aren’t just videos to be watched – each step encourages you to follow along in your own DAW.

We aren’t just regurgitating a bunch of information – we’re keeping it interesting by helping you develop skills.

And lastly, this isn’t just a few tips thrown together – these courses were deliberately designed to give you the full picture when it comes to EDM production. We don’t miss any detail, and if you think we did, let us know.

Yep! Our money-back guarantee ensures that if you don’t like the courses, we’ll give you 100% of your money back within the first 30 days. No questions asked.

This is a fully comprehensive course bundle that teaches you electronic music production from the foundations up to the advanced stuff – step-by-step. It’s also delivered by a large team of pro producers in the industry, not just anybody.

You won’t find anything this comprehensive just lying around on YouTube.

And while you might find a few tips or tricks that we use throughout these courses in tutorials, it won’t provide you with the full picture that makes a great, well-rounded music producer.

After you sign up and complete your payment, you’ll instantly get an email from our course platform with information on how to access the course.

Your bonuses will arrive in a separate email within just a few minutes. You can start the courses whenever you please.

You can take the courses in whichever order you like.

However, if you’re new to production, we’d recommend the following order:

  • EDM Foundations
  • Songwriting For Producers
  • Drums By Design
  • Breakthrough Sound Design
  • Mixing For Producers

Absolutely! We’d recommend starting with our included beginner’s course, EDM Foundations, and then moving onto the more skill-specific courses.

You can purchase the bundle or each course individually. However, the bundle is the best value-for-money, and you’ll save nearly $1000 by doing so.

Here are the individual courses:

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